Small Business and Jobs
Historically small business creates more than 95% of all jobs. We must create a favorable environment for new small businesses to open or existing businesses to expand. Current regulations; administrative filings, costs, health care, and taxes are a burden on small business and it must change. I will promote local business ownership and entrepreneurship. We must develop local talent and expertise for business development, not just recruit out of state business or foreign businesses to locate in Delaware.

In order to develop local business ownership we must improve our education system. I will support teacher development and improve student curriculum. We need to return to basics; reading, writing and arithmetic and American history. Not all students intend nor need to attend college but we must provide alternative opportunities such as vocational education and skilled labor opportunities. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) must be an integral part of secondary education. This will expose students to many aspects of education that may inspire the student to pursue a career they never imagined. Education must teach and inspire all students!

Public safety and crime
During this time of increased tensions across the country we must provide security for all of our residents and communities. Senior citizens must feel secure in their homes and on our streets. All people must be protected and free to pursue their daily routines and dreams. We must respect and honor the courage and commitment of all police, firefighters and first responders. Our laws and judicial system must be fair and enforced. Otherwise, we will have anarchy and no one will be safe. Crime has been on the rise and the heroin epidemic is out of control. We need new methods of enforcement and rehabilitation because the current ones are not working.

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