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James “Jim” DeMartino
  Originally born in New York City, Jim moved to New Jersey as a toddler. At age nine, he began traveling to New York via mass transit to work with other family members in the DeMartino Seafood/Fish Market that was established by his grandfather in the early 1900’s. Jim’s father worked there all his life. His mom stayed home in the early years, later working in a bank. These formative years forged Jim’s passion and appreciation for small businesses, a core American value that is sometimes buried in “corporate America.”
Jim’s mantra. Early in life, in elementary school, Jim knew he wanted to be part of the military. After exploring options, he attended Xavier High School because they had an JROTC program. Afterwards Jim attended The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina. It was the Marine Corps Platoon Leaders Class Program that helped him attain his law degree with the admission to Fordham University School of Law School. DeMartino attended Fordham while being assigned to the Office of the Judge Advocate General (JAG) during his summers on active duty as a reservist. Jim says he knows that his education made a key difference in his life, and he believes everyone should have an opportunity to get a great education.
Jim served in the United States Marine Corps from 1981-2000. He served as an Officer on active duty and in the Reserves. DeMartino was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant after successfully completing Officer Candidate School. He was assigned as a Student Judge Advocate, while earning his law degree from Fordham. DeMartino was promoted to the rank of Major and granted a Top Secret security clearance during his term of service.  Jim worked in government contracting. Even after leaving the military, Jim continued to help as a civilian government contract lawyer, focusing in defense and support of several of the Navy’s Weapon Systems Development.
 After spending most of his life working in his family’s small business and serving our country, even as a civilian, Jim had a calling to use his expertise to help his family. Though divorced, Jim is close to his two sons, Matthew and Nicholas. Both graduated from the Savannah School of Art and Design. He was inspired by both sons art education, creativity and desired career paths.   As a result his practice of law now focuses on Art & Entertainment and protecting the rights of artists.  Jim believes that creativity in the marketplace leads to a better world. He wanted to teach children how to have fun while channeling their creativities into areas that will help them grow and succeed as adults. It is well established that the best future careers lie in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (commonly referred to as STEM). 
DeMartino founded a non-profit organization called “Y Bicycle Association,” that uses bicycling to help children learn STEM while having loads of fun.  Jim believes that the bicycle is “the ultimate product” for teaching children about the principles and applications of STEM. Y Bicycle Association helps parents, teachers, engineers and scientists come together to learn and have fun. After all, almost everybody has ridden a bike.


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