"A Voice Now...a Vision for our Future"

This mid-term election year we are faced with another important decision about how WE THE PEOPLE are being governed. Do we allow the Speaker of the House Schwartzkopf to prioritize our concerns?  NO, we must demand that he does HIS job and hear OUR voice and concentrate on those areas that directly impact our way of life here in RD14 and through out our State.

I say, enough! WE THE PEOPLE need our voices to be heard. Our government officials need to represent our opinions and concerns.

I am running for State Representative of RD 14 to provide our district with a voice in Legislative Hall that represents the concerns and well being of citizens living in Dewey, Rehoboth and Lewes which the current Representative has failed to do over the last several years. It is time to speak up, oppose a 16 year established incumbent who no longer makes the interests of our community a priority. Increased taxes and fees, reduced senior tax credits, crime, and drug use are on the rise while academic achievement and job opportunities are declining. It is time to end 16 years of going in the wrong direction.

The future is NOW for our Seniors and Children - VOTE DeMartino!

With great concern for our future,
James "Jim" DeMartino


ABC 47 News DeMartino and opponent Interviewed
October 23, 2018
ABC 47 News interviews DeMartino and his opponent for Delaware State Representative


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